Write for LOVE, bring joy!

Honour your calling to uplift and inspire, bring joy and delight, and celebrate LOVE.

Your characters and their story have the power to bring beauty and love to a world yearning for hope and inspiration. Let’s travel together through the portal of imagination and into their world. A grand adventure awaits us!

Coming soon

Thank you for your interest in the Writing for Love Mentoring Program – 6 months of mentoring, inspiration and community for first-time novelists.

The 6-month program is coming soon.

Registration is limited to 15 kindred spirits to ensure each participant receives lots of nurturing, nourishing attention throughout the program. If your intuition is saying YES! then please register soon.

About you

Are you dreaming of writing and sharing your first novel?

Have you started your first novel but can’t get past chapter 1?

Do you feel a calling to explore your creative potential and uplift and inspire?

Are you longing to be part of a community of creative kindred spirits?

What if you could access unlimited creativity and Divine inspiration?

Writing for Love is so much more than putting words to the page. It’s an energetic and spiritual practice empowered by a community of kindred spirits holding the vision for each other’s success.

Before we write our first words, we clarify our intention as writers, call forth the energetic blueprint of our novel, connect with our characters and their world, and reach out to our intended audience with love.

We learn to access Divine inspiration (you may think of it as our Higher Self, guardian angel, intuition, heart or the energy of love) for inspiration as we brainstorm and write. And we see ourselves and each other holding and sharing our finished works with joy.

Imagine: Somewhere in this great big world of ours, someone is cherishing your words. Your words resonate with their heart. They feel the love you have woven into your story and your joy in sharing it. Your novel is someone’s favourite book ever!

This is the magic of the Writing for Love Mentoring Program.

Coming soon

Mentoring for Artists of the Spirit

I am proud to be an Artist of the Spirit Certified Life, Energetic & Spiritual Coach.

The Artist of the Spirit way of coaching is special because it engages the imagination to access Divine inspiration and create transformation and healing. Its use of imaginative/intuitive inner journeying as a tool makes it a wonderful modality for writers and artists.

Why work with a writing mentor?

As an Artist coach, I am here to:

Allow 2022 to be the year that you write and share your first novel.

Find your tribe

Writing can be lonely, as can life in general in the time of COVID. My intention is that each participant in the Writing for Love Program feels cocooned and connected within a treasured circle of friends.

About Your Coach

Denise Jeanette

Denise Jeanette is an Artist of the Spirit Certified Life, Energetic and Spiritual Coach, award-winning copywriter, former book editor and magazine sub-editor with a passion for supporting and encouraging people to explore their creativity and pursue their calling.

Denise has a talent for brainstorming and once ran a successful Brainstorming gig called Saved By The Brain. With 20+ years in advertising and marketing working on multiple projects to acute deadlines, she has assisted clients and fellow writers alike to come up with quality ideas fast, including ideas for book titles, ads, slogans, product names, apps, artwork, business and other creative endeavours.

Denise also enjoys creating beautiful WordPress web sites (like this one) and book covers for e-publishing on Kindle and Wattpad.

Denise has a keen sense of humour and honed her comedy writing skills in radio before taking the mic for the first time as a Raw Comedy entrant in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. She has performed comedy and theatre sports at the Brisbane and Gold Coast Comedy Clubs and shared funny stories on breakfast radio.

Denise has also presented to audiences in Australia, China and Chile, and made the dance floor irresistible as a wedding and events DJ. She is big on going outside her comfort zone to experience life to the full.

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